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Moving to EE Billing

You’re moving from Orange to EE and we want to help you understand your bills and payments. Your Orange plan ended as soon as your new EE one was set up. If you had several numbers with Orange, they stayed the same unless you asked us to cancel all of them.


When your Orange plan ends, this is what you need to know about how we’ll stop billing you for your Orange plan.


Your most recent Orange bill will include a full month’s line rental in advance. As you’ve ended your Orange plan part way through the month, we’ll give you some of this amount back on your next Orange bill date.

If you pay by Direct Debit, it’s important you don’t cancel this with your bank. By leaving this active, it means any credit due to you on your final Orange bill will reach you quicker.

Your final Orange bill will be produced on your next bill date. This will include any line rental credit for any amount we owe you. This is for the days you paid up front on your previous Orange bill, from the date you moved to EE until that month was up.


If there are any extra charges on this final bill – don’t worry. This would be for any out of allowance usage while you were still with Orange.

  • If we owe you money, we will refund this to you – there’s no need to call:
  • If you pay your Orange bills by Direct Debit, we will refund the amount direct to your bank account within 10 working days after your bill is produced.
  • If you paid your Orange bills by Direct Debit and you have cancelled this mandate with your bank, we will refund the amount by cheque (see below).
  • If you paid your Orange bills by any other method, we will automatically refund the amount to you by cheque. You’ll receive this in the post up to 28 days after your final Orange bill is produced.


Now you’re with EE, it’s important to understand how your billing and payments will work. Here’s all you need to know:


Around six days after you put your new EE SIM card into your device, you’ll get your first bill in the post from us. This will cover the cost of your monthly plan in advance and any additional charges – for example, any delivery charges. If you had an early upgrade fee to pay, this will be shown on the bill as a charge with a corresponding credit.


Your payment will be due eight days after the date shown on your bill, so if your billing date is the 1st of the month, your payment will be due on the 9th of every month.

Want to amend your Direct Debit? No problem. Just log in to My EE and you can do it there.


Your second bill – and all subsequent bills – from EE will be online, which you can access through My EE. If you want to keep receiving paper bills in the post, just let us know, but please note there’s a fee of £1.50 per month for this.

The second bill will be available from your new bill date, which can be found in the top right on Page 1 of your bill. This is also the date from which your new allowance starts each month.

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